Things to do in Odessa Ukraine


Thinking about travelling to Ukraine during summer? But you do not know what city you want to visit? The answer is simple – travel to Odessa. Never heard of it? Then, you should definitely read this article.

Odessa is a famous port-city scattered at the shore of the Black Sea. This is a vibrant city with rich history and wonderful people, who are well-known for their specific humor. The city will impress you with beautiful architecture, historical places, a great variety of good restaurants and cafes, and picturesque city views.

During the day you can visit numerous places of interest and learn a lot about history of the city, its people and feel this unique atmosphere, which is all around. The most interesting part to visit is definitely the old town.

It can be seen that architecture of the city differs from the other city’s architecture around Ukraine, as it was mainly influenced by the Mediterranean style of classic architecture of Italy and France. Odessa Opera House is a great example of the Italian baroque style, which is considered to be one the most beautiful opera houses in the world. It is worth buying tickets and spending a nice evening at the Odessa Opera in a company of a beautiful woman.

Another famous tourist attraction and symbol of the city are Potemkin Stairs (192 steps), built by Italian architect, that make an illusion when looking from the top you can see only first large steps, which merge into one another creating an image of pyramid-shaped mass at the bottom. A lot of people like to take pictures there, take a walk with friends and hang around. It is also a nice place to meet interesting and beautiful Ukraine girls.

You can always book a tour or a half-day excursion around the city and visit other popular places like Underground Odessa Catacombs, walk along Mother-In-Law Bridge, discover how oranges bailed out the city, etc.

Except for historic places, Odessa is also famous for its vividness and joyful atmosphere. Just take a walk along Deribasivskaya Street and you will see a large number of restaurants and cafes. There you can order delicious local dishes, sit and chat with your friends while drinking coffee in the morning or spend a romantic evening with a special girl. What is more, fun does not stop in the evening. It continues till the dawn while dancing at one of the night clubs.

You can also visit Odessa International Film Festival, which is held annually in the middle of July. The festival was founded in 2010 and now gathers an audience of over 70 thousand viewers. A lot of people get acquainted during this event. Maybe you will be the lucky one to meet the girl of your dreams.

Do not also forget to spend a day on the beach, while staying in Odessa, enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the warm sea. Odessa beaches are perfect places to meet someone new, someone who will change your life once and for all. Just have a time of your life and do not hesitate.

You can easily plan your visit to Odessa, as there are a lot of comfortable services, which allow you to make bookings and reservations via the Internet. Finding a good apartment or a restaurant for the evening will not be a problem.

Still have no ticket to Odessa? Do not waste your time and buy it as soon as possible! Hot season is approaching and adventures are waiting for you. All your dreams may come true, just do not forget to make a wish at the “Duke” monument, also known as the prime meeting and dating place. Who knows, maybe your destiny is already waiting for you out there.