Odessa dating: Your Future Wife-To-Be


Odessa women are considered to be the embodiment of a great wife. For one thing, they know how to love and care about their families and husband. And for another, they do not forget that they are ladies, thus always look well-dressed and pretty.

A typical day of Ukrainian wife begins at six or seven o’clock in the morning. She gets up, cooks some delicious breakfast for her spouse and children, and helps everybody to get ready for school or work. It is just breathtaking to look at the way this woman plaits her daughter’s hair or kisses her husband and wishes him a good day.

This is a loving mother and a loving wife. Her day continues, and she either prepares for work herself or starts doing the household chores if she is a housewife. In any case, when the evening comes, the family gathers at the dinner table and enjoys their meal.

Being good at cooking, Ukrainian women like both preparing traditional dishes, like borshch, varenyky or deruny, and surprising their families with some European cuisine: making lasagna, pizza or ratatouille.

Passionate like the sea waves, warm like the sunbeams, and soft like the sandy beach – that is how we may describe a woman from Odessa.

The city near the Black Sea is a home for wonderful ladies who are attractive, caring, intelligent and sociable. A woman who was brought up near the stormy sea knows how to support her husband in any difficult situation. What is more, she will warm the heart with some joke, for Ukrainian women are known for a good sense of humour.

Many ladies chase after career opportunities, sometimes neglecting to take care of their families and forgetting that they are the keepers of hearth and home. Ukrainian ladies do not feel like they have to prove their independence.

It is absolutely normal if a husband is a breadwinner, and the wife is comfortable with her female roles. Ladies may say that it is much easier to be just a housewife than fighting for the equality with the men. However, it is just the way many ladies are feminine, domestic and attentive to the way they look.

It is way more important for them to have a happy marriage than a good job that may cause a broken home.

However, the fact that ladies are not that career-oriented does not mean that they are shallow. Ukrainian families are concerned with their children being well-educated, both girls and boys.

What is more, statistically, more women get higher education in Ukraine than men. It is a social norm for a lady to be able to keep a conversation going, with no difference whether she is from a big city like Odessa or some smaller town.

The conversational topics Ukrainian women are good at may vary from the “small talk” weather cliché to philosophical and political matters.

It has been said that Ukrainian and Russian women are comfortable with the fact that their husbands earn the family living. Furthermore, these women know how to manage the family budget.

They do not like wasting money. Being family oriented, they know how to economize and save some money. They know how to look good, buy a new dress, prepare a good meal and still put away some money for the further investments.

Finally, being a good wife and a great mother is a sort of a mindset the majority of women in Ukraine have. Their families should live in concord, and their home is always a cozy place where you can relax after the hard working day.